I’m reading about indigenous people & plants, my roommates are drawing tattoos & buying bitcoin…perfect soundtrack” -Rachel Musquiz, Founder Curcuma Kitchen Life is what you make it and positivity is the key to living a happy life. Staying positive though is a daily fluid process. Moods and how we decide to take action is a… Continue reading “Life”


The concept of escapism—or the self-selected separation of oneself from one’s immediate reality through the consumption of media resources, such as television, music, games, and movies has long been an important subject of consumer culture studies. A most recent example of escapism in advertising is Fortnite and more specifically the Fortnite concert series. Or additionally,… Continue reading “Escapism”

“Protection and well-being”

Different situations call for nuance- you wouldn’t want to be caught tone-deaf during a social and economic crisis. Multiple studies show that people place trust as the most important character trait in a person or brand. Here a couple of things I consider when creating content: I focus on community I know it’s hard with… Continue reading “Protection and well-being”

Principles and Values

Whether you realize it or not your values inform your thoughts, words, and actions. Do you know yours? Your values are important because they help you to grow and develop both personally and whatever you are trying to build like a brand, a kid, etc…super important stuff!… So, for example, the decisions you make are… Continue reading Principles and Values

“Internet enabled”

In a digital age, how to better communicate sincerity in authentic ways? We are enabled by technology that serves as a convenience for its users. Often-times the same tech serves as a disservice to its recipient. We crave authentic experiences though our attempts to be sincere often have the opposite effect. Are the right strategies,… Continue reading “Internet enabled”

“Where we land”

“Let’s see where we land.” There are many examples here to analyze. On one end disappointment is often rooted in a lack of preparation and a lack of practice. On the flipside positive outcomes share common qualities of vision and strategy that creates a roadmap to follow. “Let’s see where we land” allows room for… Continue reading “Where we land”

“Dishonesty and deception”

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you have been lied to and intentionally deceived. Perhaps you have even allowed yourself to carry out similar actions towards another for short term gains. In the end, it’s not worth it- EVER. It is not worth getting upset about if you have been on the receiving end. One… Continue reading “Dishonesty and deception”


I Think team A team can mean co-workers, it can even be your family. Set up a process and be consistent with it. I try not to micro-manage People want a sense of agency. Allowing autonomy in the process will create commitment and ownership of individual tasks. I create goals It’s nice to work towards… Continue reading “Workflow”