Time to, “Recalibrate”

Definition; to reexamine (one’s thinking, a plan, a system of values, etc.) and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose. 

We’re in modes of constant iteration, and optimization. Is this an attitude of positive competition and progress? Or are these actions rooted in a social construct that singularly is based on performance (economics) metrics alone? It’s challenging to decipher what, and when to recalibrate something towards healthy outcomes. 

This vaporwave audiovisual is inspired by the concept of recalibration. It seems in good practice to make assessments for the potential recalibration of a certain aspect of life whether that’s personal or professional. The audiovisual puts that thinking into context through conceptual digital art, in this particular instance the Toys “R” Us brand. A beloved store of the ’80s and 90’s kid has struggled in the digital era because of surmounting competition. Recently, again under new ownership, the brand’s business is being recalibrated for a future iteration. Hooray, I think. :/


For a brave new world