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[AToP] joins disciplines in social theory, and conscience marketing to create storytelling narratives. 

For a brave new world

We’re all media companies in the postmodern era. 

Content Marketing

Goal: Connect with people 🔜 customers.

Give an audience the information or experience they need. Customize formats for distribution to encourage conversions. 💪🏼

Use content marketing to build an audience and achieve at least one of these profitable results:

Increased revenue, lower costs, or better customers. Or all three ✔︎​

Types; blog post, SM content, digital content

Good for; get people to your site; sales


Goal: Success of one brand brings success to its partner brand

Types; concepts developed as a special project for example can lead to earned media value plus other marketing extensions such as real-life experiences, new product extensions, and additional marketing content. 

Good for; building a business:

  1. Boost awareness
  2. Break into new markets.

Custom content 

Goal: Engage existing audiences and customers.


  1. Reach existing customers who are searching online for helpful content.
  2. Be the go-to in your niche industry.

Good for; post-purchase customer success and retention.


​Goal: Everyone is a media company in the post-modern era.

Types; all content for your owned channels.

Good for; media surrounds and informs brand vision and culture. Without it, engaging an audience and creating customers will be that much more difficult.

Content Strategy  

Goal: Build an audience.

Plan, Publish, Maintain, and Spread frequent and consistent content.

Educate, Entertain, and Inspire Internet searchers.

Content must be structured, and easily found to improve the user experience. Content strategy starts with customer personas and follows steps of why you are creating content.

Who you are helping? How you will help them in a way no one else can?

Content planning

Goal: Document the specifics of how you will execute strategy.

A content plan is a marketing plan that specifically relates to the content.

Details included are:

  1. Key topic areas you will cover
  2. What content you will create and why,
  3. When, and how to share your content and specific CTA’s (calls to action)

​Sonic branding 

Goal: Capture attention and build brand recognition.

Attention can be a brand’s scarcest asset.

Sound penetrates a customer’s subconscious even when they’re not really listening.

A sonic logo flows through the mind regardless of where their focus might be.

Cool right?

Sweet Science brand example

Building a brand with sounds and music that aligns perfectly with brand attributes is a powerful way to give brand identity depth.

Listening to sound or a piece of music can initiate the memory section of a brain, leading to better brand recall.

Types; sonic identify, audio for SM videos, assets for Ads

Good for; brand building, Attention, Re-call

Client examples

Galore Media
Convicts Media
Modcup coffee roaster Jersey City NJ
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